Monday, 17 July 2017

New Perspectives

It's been a while. There have been holidays and high days and visitors from over the pond. American family who have made me think about perspective and POV and writing for a different audience.

When I submit writing or have to come up with a bio I say 'I write short stories for adults and children, feature articles, YA novels, screenplays and ghost write memoirs.' A dolly mixture of styles and perspectives. Is there any such thing as a writer who writes for only one audience? It's important to dabble, although being a Jack-of-all-trades doesn't mean you can't be a master. The writing should always have heart, pace and punch, no matter who you write for.

So I'm dipping into the pick and mix bag again. Getting a proof copy of The Passenger on, means I can see what I think might be a finished work looks like in print, and I can see that it's probably not finished at all. Pencil sharpened and at the ready for edits.

Digging out an old MS of a YA novel I can see it's potential to be re-written as MG and start to plan a new wip; There's a Mermaid in my Garden.

And there is an upcoming short story masterclass in a high street bookshop that shall not be named (I just applied for a job there and didn't get it, maybe it's fate showing me I was meant to be a book writer and not a bookseller). So while I hand round the dip mix (jelly baby anyone?) I'll keep writing and submitting. Watch this space...

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