Friday, 27 March 2015

Brooding and smouldering novel ideas - Poldark!

Settings and landscape. Do they make a story as much as the characters do?

The Poldark brooding and smouldering has set me thinking about a novel I wrote a few years back, gently shelved and neglected. Now seems the right time to re-write and release it back into the open,(known as a reboot I believe?)given all things Cornish and Poldark are gathering pace. The story was called,'Flow' a tale of the disappeared Cornish miner and The Mermaid of Zennor, how he re-appears one hundred years later, on the hunt for an heir, just as Evie bowls into the village, a fiesty teen who's a fish out of water on the quiet coast of Cornawall in the 1980's. After a screenplay adaptation developed with the Script Factory, it's now back to a manuscript re-named 'The Last Enchanted'.

Writing it allowed me research holidays to Cornwall and inspiration form the landscapes I found there. Then there was 'Girl In The Box' a dose of Northern fantastic realism set in Blackpool. I went there to be inspired by a very different landscape.

'The Reason For Silence', which I am currently writing, came out of repeated visits to the wonderful Gardens Of Easton Lodge and is full of the history and landscape there.

Short stories are inspired by settings as varied as Whitstable, Allotment sites spotted on train journeys, Perth, The back streets of London, Roadsides in South Africa. Place is my muse, what's yours?

I'll let you know how the reboot goes, given that I'm back in Cornwall in the summer, who knows where inspiration will take me next?

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