Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Paddling downstream

Summer brings a chaos of work like the swarm of black winged damselflies that danced about our boats this weekend. Time to take a break, paddle Sudbury to the sea, well, halfway for me - Sudbury Quay to a campsite by Nayland. The river Stour flows like molten glass over shallow shale and luminous green weeds, it cuts through bamboo in jungle mimicry, widens below rope swings and winds between overgrown banks. A true Wind in The Willows river. The tranquility makes the aching arms worthwhile, the company and camaraderie of the She Who Dares girls cancels out weekday stress and strain.
It was a wonderful weekend, meandering along the water, wrapped in the warmth of a June day. The leaden sky above finally broke and laced us with cold rain at one point and the waterproofs were unpacked for a short time. Reaching the campsite it was warm enough to swim in the Stour as children hung on a rope swing above.
I was heaved out, pants full of mud, grateful that we stayed in Carters Corner Bed and Breakfast, with comfy beds, hot showers and a feast of breakfast. The others feasted on pots of chilli cooked over the campfire and toasted marshmallows on the embers before completing their journey the next day, while I went home to sleep.

Thank you girls

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