Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Dolly mixtures or Allsorts

What a mixed bag the last few months have been. I miss the literary circles and study in London, this time last year I was preparing my dissertation. On re-reading it, I'm not sure who wrote it, how quickly intellectual capability fades. This year's Creative Writing MA students will be getting their final pieces ready to submit - good luck all! There is life after the MA, it's just a little quieter and takes more determination to write.

I've edited and re-edited the first 50 pages of my YA novel - Girl In The Box - a coming of age story set in Blackpool, a slice of Northern Fantastic Realism. Tanks to my ex-tutor, the talented Julia Bell, for the tagline! It's ready to send out, so I'm lining up targets, off it goes into the wide blue yonder to the screens and desktops of literary agents and publishing folk. I hope it makes a little dent on someone's daily slush pile.

While I re-edit the rest of the novel, trying to catch characters who disappeared half way through, re-order sentences and correct incredible typo's, I have to keep on with other projects. A couple of short stories, a book for my parents golden wedding anniversary and juggling my father's memoirs into the semblance of a new story.

Meanwhile .... The day job calls and I'm looking for storytellers who will run sample workshops with school and train up our people at Hatfield Forest for when we make our own story circle. Let me know if you know of anyone.

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