Thursday, 16 January 2014

New Chapters

The novel I'm currently writing is set over one week, so each chapter takes place on a new day. The good thing about this is that I'm nearing the end of Friday, so Saturday will be my last chapter. The bad thing is, It's taken me almost two years to write a week in the life of my main character. Two years is a long time, but there are bills to be paid and work to be done in-between, and nothing saps the creative impetus like work, especially work that consumes and commits more than the hours you're paid (other teachers will know what I mean). However, new year, new start and all that, lots to celebrate with the results for my MA in Children's Literature in Creative Writing, a merit and distinction for the dissertation. Huzzah! I miss the study and the hallowed halls of Birkbeck, now I must motivate myself without the support of my lovely tutors and fellow students. I feel the itch to do a PhD coming on - maybe one day, after the novel is finished and published! Keep calm and carry on.