Sunday, 15 September 2013

In Print - One

September has signified a time of change for me for many years, new terms, new jobs, fresh starts and new opportunities. This year it also signifies an exciting development on the writing side, the side of life which has had to take a back burner position due to working flat out, its hard to find the time to finish the novel, but I will go back to it when I've wrestled the dissertation to a close. Early next month,Walker Books are publishing my children's short story 'When Polly Jumped Over The Moon', as part of a small collection of award winning Mumsnet Bedtime stories. Any writer longs to see their story in print, and im no exception, my level of chuffedness is off the scale, and there is a book launch to go to, a dream come true. check back to see how it went next month!

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