Thursday, 13 September 2012

Finished the NOVEL!! Flow

I expected to feel a sense of relief, of abandonment, euphoria even, but I just feel quietly pleased, bit of an understated reaction. It's done, the last line is written, the last word noted, the full stop in place. There are tweaks, there are sections I'm not sure of, there are spelling errors, but the story has been rattling around in my head for so long, I'm glad it's finally out. Some authors celebrate with champagne, a party, a meal. I made a cup of tea and went for a swim.

So, if any publishers are looking for a young adult coming of age novel, about Evie, her akward relationship with her mother, her resentment of her surroundings and desrire to escape, coupled with a little local romance and a mysterious old man, set against the backdrop of the wild Cornish coast - let me know.

Next question is? Do I use this for the next section of my MA course, or should I plunge forward with a new project? It's useful for dissertation dissection next year anyway.

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