Wednesday, 13 July 2011

She Who Dares book - now available!

Having negotiated the murky waters of self publishing, and the not infallible world of self proofing (other readers may be able to spot any 'deliberate' mistakes) the She Who Dares book is finally published!!! Available at - $30 (about £18) with free shipping, and I'll get it on in Kindle form soon. Phew, it's been almost as scary as taking a high jump in coasteering or a forward somersault in synchronised swimming, but not quite.

Now we wait for the feedback, the response was immediate from a fellow writer, Mr. Frank Cottrell Boyce: "Hooray" - perhaps that's all he needs to write when he fulfils his role in penning the opening speech to the 2012 olympics - what more is there to say, but HOORAY!!!!

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