Wednesday, 2 March 2011


Apologies for the bad editing, I'm still getting to grips with imovie, had the idea to do the same thing with some She Who Dares video clips, but I missed what would have been rich material at this mornings sessions, due to a case of knackerdom and the calling of a warm bed, not much in the SWD spirit!


Sat by the cold Thames on the South Bank, released after an hour plus of standing like a vertical sardine on the underground, I looked down at the murky water from my concrete perch, and wondered who would swim here? David Walliams is swimming the length of the Thames for Comic Relief. I will enter the waters myself later this year, in a 750m swim at Marlow. I hope the weather is kinder than today, when everyone is wrapped up against the cold. A scattering of people make their way across the pedestrian bridge next to Waterloo, fold up bikes, Boris Bikes and mountain cycles flash past in the shadow of the London Eye. Westminster squats, watching, from down river. A busking band strikes up a merry melody, Oh Susannah, and I shuffle off to the welcoming warmth of the BFI cafe, where I can watch the river scenes unfold from behind glass with a strong black coffee, contemplating a dip for another day.

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